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We know what you are about. So now let us tell you a little bit about us.

Philosophy: We have taken the most potent natural ingredients and herbs from around the world to give you the best hit you can get - so powerful we say it is just as good as the real steroids! 

Attitude: We Do Us - Fuck The Haters! Read up Our reviews, testimonials, Instagram page and check out our ingredients - all natural, legal and safe! We are big fans of natural bodybuilding and fitness.


We have seen more change in the last 100 years than the last 1000 years of history combined - but never mind that - the world we live in now is very different to even just 10 years ago.

But one thing that will never change is how you look and you feel - this you know is true!

We at Juiced Upp get that – from our founding partners to our helpdesk experts - everyone hired by our company know and love one thing; the ‘gym’.

Our philosophy is simple – Get Juiced Upp with Legal Steroids

The term ‘gym’ has taken on so many meanings in the last 10 years as everyone is counting their calories, increasing protein consumption and making sure they are working on their personal physical goals. Be it fitness, strength, physique, power, speed or mental sanity! We tend to sum this up as one thing we are all looking to do - to make some serious GAINS!

But whilst this craze is going through a phenomenal growth spurt, so is the use of performance enhancing drugs (PED’s) or otherwise more commonly known; steroids.

‘Steds’, ‘Juice’, ‘Gear’ – whatever you want to call it – carries a few risks, and some of them can be fatal.

Why buy steroids online and put your body through the risk of stroke, heart attacks, skin defects, mental instability, long term sexual dysfunction and so on…. When you have the natural composition of the greatest specimen on this planet?

We bring natural bodybuilding and muscle building supplements to the market. 


Juiced Upp is renowned for commitment to excellence.

We are headquartered in the UK and own our own product design, web development, marketing, testing and manufacturing facility .

As we have full control of our own production and processes, you get the best quality and service.

We recruit the very best and provide genuine opportunities for skills development to ensure we remain on top of our game!. 


Premier Customer Service

Creative Engineering

Free International Delivery 

Real people, real research, real results.

The aspiration was always to help people - the right way. I did not want to push people down the illegal route when there are so many wonders on this planet that can help you get insane results. The world just needed someone to put these formulas in a bottle for them!

Michael Braze, Founder of Juiced Upp Inc

All our Products are UK Manufactured to the Highest GMP Standards  

George our Senior Product Engineer  leads the manufacturing team to ensure stringent quality.

George has been with Juiced Upp from day one and will never miss a trick as he aims for 99.4% scores on quality checks for EVERY bottle that leaves the warehouse.

Hello George

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Design, Develop, Test

grade aaa

Our products are premium and that's why people call them legal steroids. It is as simple as that. We don’t mess around with this stuff and have invested insane amounts of $$$ in getting everything right.

Carefully examined for effectiveness – citing medicinal and herbal sources as our base reference but also supported by expert research and testing

All hand-selected from all over the globe by our in-house experts - the best ingredients are only accepted!

We hate supplements that do not work!

We know your choosing the all-natural route because you have doubts about steroid abuse. Rest assured that what we sell is safe, legal and falls within the legal requirements of the founding commission (EU Food and Administration Legislation, UK Food Control) 

We have got you covered
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