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We have a great range of natural, legal and powerful anabolic steroids so we know you may have a question or two!

Please review our FAQ sections and see if we have already answered your question and if not you can always get in touch with one of our expert advisors!


We aim to do our best by packing your orders and despatching as soon as possible from our warehouse (usually within 24 hours of order confirmation - subject to stock), using reliable carriers and sending you a tracking number. 

Please note during the Covid outbreak we are only shipping to the UK. 

We are tracking circumstances carefully and will update our international delivery network as soon as we know more about Air freight services.

Normally this depends on where you buy from:

UK - 3-5 working days
USA - 7-14 working days
EU - 3-10 working days
Outside of EU - 3-14 working days

Please note these delivery times will not be applicable during the Covid 19 pandemic.

Please use the order tracking number from your email order confirmation and follow up directly with the courier that you have been informed is delivering your order. Al of our couries have online tracking on their websites.

We do not send products with any branding on the outside packaging and keep the packaging as small as possible


Juiced Upp offer a straightforward money back guarantee on all of their products.

Please follow instructions enclosed in your delivery for how to return items, including the return address as each delivery may have a different Returns hub to send orders back to.

We offer a 14 Day Money Back Guarantee on all products

Juiced Upp - is it right for you?

Legal Steroids has you thinking about many things including safety, suitability and dosage. Do not worry, we have you covered.

Simple answer is Yes.

If we are defining ‘steroids’ as performance enhancing drugs then the short answer is No. What we have created at Juiced Upp is 100% legal.

No reported side affects have been reported with any of our ingredients and neither have Juiced Upp ever been notified of any adverse reactions from any of our customers. 

However, we always advise you check with doctor or medical professional before taking any supplements.

Our supplements are designed for those who are 18 and above.


Each stack, product and cycle is designed to last 4 weeks. We recommend a minimum of 8 week cycles for optimum results, also known as 2 cycles (1 cycle = 4 weeks). However please note everyone responds differently and it is always best to check with your doctor before commencing on a Cycle. See our Cycles page for more info.

Our products have been designed specifically for men. Women have taken our products safely but as with any supplement we recommend if you are taking any medication, have any underlying health issues or are pregnant or breast feeding, please consult your doctor or medical physician first. Even if you have no health issues, we advise men and women to check with your doctor first before taking any supplements.


We know how much this means to you and we want to help you get those results you are craving.

Each person will vary with how quickly they respond to taking any supplements and there could be a variety of factors that influence results. We advise to take medical advice before taking any supplements.

Each product has been formulated to work differently and furthermore Stacks offer advanced supplementation. We recommend you review ‘How It Works’ section for each product on each of the Product pages.

Juiced Upp offer a no questions asked 14 day money back guarantee on all products. Please see your delivery note for how to return any unwanted items.

The Juiced Up Movement

We have a variety of ways you can join us on our journey and become part of our ever growing success.

Simply send an email with your Instagram handle to with the subject heading: Juiced Upp Influencer and someone from our Marketing team will be in touch.

Simply send us an email with your progress pics or pictures with you holding our product. Our marketing team will review it and tag you when uploaded. As we have thousands of followers, expect some new followers after an upload!

Simply send an email to with the subject heading: Juiced Upp Affiliate program interest and someone from our Affiliate team will be in touch.

Yes, yes and yes! We would love to see your progress, post your stuff online and send your some freebies in return (a free stack or cycle - just tell us which one!)

Email us your progress at with subject heading: Progress with Juiced Upp and someone will be in touch from our Service team!

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