How Triple X Works

We have gone back to basics and made this simple and our experts have opted for the CORE testosterone stimulants we actually need to give your drive that oomph. 

Triple X also has the ever popular Tongkat Ali. This extract is known to enhance muscle mass and strength gains, while accelerating fat loss, in healthy exercisers, and thus, may be considered a natural ergogenic aid for athletes and dieters alike

We have added the extract of the ginseng, which has been used for over 2000 in traditional medicines in places such as Russia, China, Korea, and Japan. The traditional benefits of Ginseng are thought to be the improvement of the body’s defences against physical and mental tension. T

An anabolic herb which can be a strong boost to testosterone to support muscle gains, Maca is included in this formula to help with removing of body radicals and enhancing athletic performance through balancing hormones.

One of the simple additions to this formula is a high concentration of zinc. There's an extremely high chance that if you have been neglecting your health, sleep and living a stress induced life that you are low on zinc.

Zinc is part of the 24 greatest minerals that are essential for our body. Our body is not capable of synthesizing zinc on its own and we don't have storage systems for keeping an adequate supply of zinc available to us at all times. Therefore, you need to obtain sufficient amounts of zinc.

Zinc deficiency affects the enzyme complex aromatase that is normally inhibited by zinc. The increased activation results in an excessive conversion of testosterone into estradiol.

The formula also includes Eleutherococcus senticosus which is an adaptogen and herb that may increase work capacity during strenuous aerobic activity. It also has anti-stress and potential immunity-boosting effects.

You will also find a host of power herbs in our propriety blend such as TT, Sarsaparilla, Nettle Leaf, Muira Puama Bark and Licorice Root – all commonly used in the wider bodybuilding community for muscle and strength gains and reported to improve muscle growth, power & body strength as well as libido.